Getting the best from your photographs

These are very important because if your pics are not the best quality, then I am unable to do my very best for you. Select a few high-resolution photos to be sent to me by email or use Facebook Messenger if that is your preference.

Please refer to the relevant photo section below to know the correct photos I need for your chosen portrait style.

Comical PEOPLE portrait photos
  • I will need a selection of clear, recent ones of each person. A close up, full frontal of the face and a full body length pic too. With feet! 
  • If you are having a family portrait done, then a recent photo of everyone together is required so that I can see height comparisons of individuals. If you don’t have one available, we can work on this together, I am able to put people together from separate photos if needed. Just let me know.
  • It would be ideal if the photos show the clothing you would like the person to be illustrated in.
  • Please send additional pics of any specific items to be included e.g. child’s favourite toy.
Traditional pet portrait photos
  • I will need a selection to choose from. They must be clear, recent photos with the position of your pet’s head to be as you would like it to be done in the portrait.
  • The clearer the details in your photo, the better quality your portrait will be. My portraits are intricately drawn and realistic in style, so I need to be able to zoom in and see very clear fur details.
  • For a memorial portrait, the best photos may not be available, so just send me the best of what you have, we can always see if a bit of artistic tweaking could do the trick.
  • Please see the photo tips below to select the best kind of pics for your pet portrait.

Photo Tips For Pets!

  • Take your photo outside rather than inside. On a sunny day ensure the sun is behind you or to the side only.
  • Your subject should fill the whole photo, so get up nice and close.
  • Get to your subjects level to help them to strike their pose.
  • Photos need to be in focus and in colour for all the glorious detail!